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I found it interesting to view my own Google Scholar page, just to see how am I performing as a relatively new academician and researcher. As one who just joined the faculty in mid 2008, I think I need to improve more. Thank God I have several publications in 2012 and 2013. I’m also fortunate to already have a paper published this year, 2014. I hope I can work harder and smarter to improve my citations and h-index. Presently I only have 8 citations and my h-index is only 2.


The reason I post the snap shot above is for me to compare my future stats with this one. I just hope to see some positive progress. InsyaAllah.

Chemical, Catalysis, Chemistry related Journal

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Here is a few journal for my and your references if you want to read, refer or publish. Number in parentheses indicates the impact factor in 2007. If you have any journals to add in this list, please contact me.

1. Applied Catalysis A-General (2.63)

2. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (3.942)

3. Catalysis Communications (1.878)

4. Catalysis Letters (1.772)

5. Catalysis Today (2.148)

6. Chemical Engineering Science (1.629)

7. Chemical Engineering Research and Design (0.747)

8. Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering (0.393)

9. Energy & Fuels (1.519)

10. Energy Sources Part A-Recovery and Environmental Effects (0.425)

11. European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2.769)

12. Fuel (1.358)

13. Fluid Phase Equilibria (1.68)

14. Fuel Processing Technology (1.323)

15. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering

16. Journal of Applied Polymer Science (1.306)

17. Journal of Catalysis (4.533)

18. Journal of Crystal Growth (1.809)

19. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology (0.914)

20. Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology

21. Journal of Materials Chemistry (4.287)

22. Journal of Physical Chemistry B (4.115)

23. Journal of Rare Earths (0.368)

24. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2.796)

25. Molecular Sumulation (1.084)

26. Petroleum Chemistry (0.191)

27. Petroleum Science and Technology (0.308)

28. Thin Solid Films (1.665)

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