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Experimental Rig Set Up

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Day 6 (6/7/09) – Monday

It’s a new week and my jobs continue…

-Met my Prof for the first time as a Ph.D student. Discusses few things regarding faculty jobs and some research job as well.

-Met my friend Tun and Mr. AminĀ  (the supplier) at lab to discuss about the quartz reactor we plan to use for our experiments.

-Set up a general experimental rig to test it out. Have not completed yet. The GC seems to have weird problem going on. Not sure what’s the problem. Will ask Fadhzir’s help to look at it. The quartz reactor we recently bought seems to be so thin and brittle. It was not as thick as the reactors I purchase in 2002 which has thickness about 2mm. The idea is just to run the experiment, get the feel of it, make sure the GC is running fine… We’ll continue with the job later tomorrow. At least we’ve done something and we are closer to run the experiment tomorrow.

-Printed: Fuel and Energy Abstracts, Volume 50, Issue 4, July 2009, Pages 234-304. Maybe there’s something good inside it…
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Equipments and Experimental Rig

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Day 3 (3/7/09) – Friday

It’s my third day as a student. I have read some papers (technical papers and not news papers). I was in the lab discussing and thinking how to set up my experimental rig. I’m going to use few of the parts, connections and tubings that are available in the lab. So, that means I only need few new equipments which are:

1. syringe pump (digital)
2. thermocouple
3. data logger

I can re-use:

1. furnace
2. fittings, tubings, connections etc
3. GC

Called RMC to follow up with the purchase of the syringe pump.

I’m now a Ph.D student


I’m going to dedicated this blog to record my Ph.D in chemical engineering journey. I’m doing my Ph.D in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and possibly will undergo a research attachment in Helsinki University, Finland.

Day 1 (1/7/09)

Ph.D registration at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM. I never expected that the amount of student registering for post graduate study be this much. To cut the story short, I managed to register as a Ph.D student but need to settle few documentations to SPS and Treasury. I got my matric card printed and I look obviously wider compared to my staff matric card I made 1 year ago.

Went to the library and used the infolan system after so many years. Tried to search few related books but could not search for it on the shelves. Found a handbook of polyolefin but could not borrow it because it is dedicated for reference in the library only.

Did some literature review and save some in my hard disc.

Day 2 (2/7/09)

Printed some of the papers I found yesterday. Failed to print the whole lot because the printer suddenly malfunctioned. OK, I’ll print later.

Read and evaluated a paper submitted for Jurnal Teknologi, something to do with optimal mix of power generation schemes to meet CO2 reduction targets. Interesting paper but involve lots of simulation and data gathering. No experimentation there.

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