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What is POWERWALL? Do we need a powerwall?

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Have you heard about Powerwall? When I first heard/read about it, I have no clue what it is. I read more about it from their website. Then I found the answer.

So, what is a Powerwall?

My understanding… It is a huge computer screen, bigger than any monitor that I have seen before. It cannot be positioned on a table. It can only be fixed on a wall. Hence, any data interpretation/analysis that requires huge display can be easily monitored via the Powerwall.

The actual detail about Powerwall is as follows:

The powerwall has a large rear projection surface of 5.20 m x 2.15 m which is illuminated by 8 networked and synchronised projectors. Thanks to the high resolution of 4640 x 1920 pixels and the soft-edge blending that provides an overall picture with no overlapping, it is possible to picture large quantities of data down to an extreme level of detail.


For us chemical engineer, is Powerwall relevant for us?

I believe it is especially when massive data interpretation and analysis are involved. Also when there are several pages of data, it ease data comparison and analysis. Information that need to be zoomed, can also be viewed clearly as the screen is massively huge. Don’t you agree with me?

More information about Powerwall can be referred here.

How to Spec Lighting for Sight Glass Applications

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This new white paper from L.J. Star explains how to specify lighting for sight glass applications. It covers the surprising relationship between voltage and wattage, how to mitigate heat concerns, the relationship between reflectors and bulb position, and the difference between foot-candles, lumens, and lux.

Handy reference charts give the recommended distances for different types of explosion-proof and non-explosion-proof lights.

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Ircon® Announces Advanced Features for Modline® 6 Series Fiber Optic Infrared Thermometers

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modline_sIrcon®, the worldwide leader in infrared (IR) noncontact temperature measurement, has introduced the new Modline® 6 Series of infrared thermometers.

The new line of high performance sensors features advanced signal processing and background-reflected energy compensation capabilities, and includes one-and two-color fiber optic IR devices designed for harsh operating environments

Level Switch with Cooling Neck for High Temperatures

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fls-sliding_uk_sFor its FlexLevel Switch 4401, Baumer offers a sliding connection making the hygienic level switch suitable for high process temperatures of up to 200 °C.

The optional sliding connection is available in 100 and 250 mm length and can serve as a cooling neck or extension, for example if the medium has to be reached through the tank insulation or the level detection has to be adjusted to a certain height.

WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software Flags-Up Process Problems In Real Time

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win911_sP4A introduction of WIN-911 alarm notification software enables managers and operators to be aware of problems in their plant, anywhere, anytime. WIN-911 is a real-time software that can be used with pagers, cell phones, landline phones and most wireless communications.

It works with a company’s existing control software or SCADA system to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions – a process that can save time, money, and unnecessary anxiety..

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