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How to have an incredible productive day at work

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Here is how to do it. Just understand the self explained infographic below and you’ll understand.


New Semester New Era

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MilleniumLabThe new semester just started signalling a new era in my career. The 4 years study leave duration just ended in June and I have been really busy preparing for the submission of my Ph.D thesis. Thank God that was completed. After such a long period of time, I am now an active lecturer which means I have classes and other tasks.

First I would like to welcome my new students. I hope I can give the best our of me to them. I hope they can learn from my experience and knowledge. I hope they will come out 4 years later a good, reliable and respected engineer. Good luck to all of you.

I was just informed today by my supervisor that my VIVA is going to be held this October (next month). That’s fine. I just want to get over it as fast possible. Wish me luck.

p/s: It has been quite some time since I updated my semi-official site. Despite of my tight schedule, I’ll try to update this site once in a while.

p/p/s: Image is the Millenium Lab in Newcastle University, UK. A place where I had my research attachment for 2 months in 2012.

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