Egypt: Nanotechnology Comes to AUC

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This article details research being carried out at the Yousef Jameel Science and Technology Research Center (YJSTRC) at The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt, in the nanoscience and other technology-oriented fields. AUC says their new research includes “…the development of novel diagnostic tests for sensitive detection of the hepatitis C virus; detection of cancer biomarkers, as well as creating a new generation of nanodevices that include smart bricks with tiny sensors, which can analyze building safety and warn of fires and earthquakes.” The AUC is using a variety of nanoparticles, including gold and nanocrystals, to develop unique diagnostic tests for detection of the hepatitis C virus. Sherif Sedky, a physics professor and associate director of YJSTRC, added that they “…are also working on developing energy harvesters that could convert wasted energy into a useful one, which could then be used to charge devices implemented inside the human body, as well as developing miniaturized antennas and high precision motion systems that are suitable for space applications.” The projects are funded by grants from YJSTRC and the Arab Science Technology Foundation in the United Arab Emirates. The article can be viewed online at the link below.


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