Macarons, the Daddy Mac of Cookies

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There are people who are mad for macaroons and then there are people who are mad for macarons. That’s because American macaroons and French macarons have about as much in common as do pâté and apple pie.

American macaroons are holiday treats, gloriously dense amalgams of shredded or flaked coconut, egg white and sugar, often dipped in or drizzled with chocolate. Popular year round, French macarons are small, delicate, glossy confections of varied complexions. They’re pink, green, blue, yellow, brown, lavender, even black. And that’s what attracted Soraiya Nagree of Luxe Sweets in Austin, Texas to them in the first place.

“I saw this rainbow of colors in pastry shop windows,” says Nagree of a family trip to Paris when she was just ten. “Right then I knew I would do something with sweets. Not necessarily French pastries, but definitely with sweets. I wanted to make those macarons.”

While macarons often inspire love at first bite, most people are satisfied with just eating them. Nagree left a career in chemical engineering to pursue perfecting them.

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