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Nowadays, it is imperative for us to identify and choose alternative energy, and not depending solely on petroleum for our petrol (gasoline). In conjunction with that, I am giving away, FREE OF CHARGE, an e-book entitled “Choosing Alternative Fuel – How to save our environment and save your money. This book can easily be priced at $20 or $30 per copy, but I’m giving it away for you to read, learn, comprehend and if possible practice. It does not end there. On top of getting a free but extremely precious ebook, I’m going to give a free e-Course on Alternative Energy.

Here are the chapters covered in the e-book.

Chapter 1 – What Are Alternative Fuels
Chapter 2 – Gasoline and Oil
Chapter 3 – Why Are Gas Prices So High
Chapter 4 – Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Chapter 5 – All About Alternative Fuels
Chapter 6 – Environmental Damage
Chapter 7 – Global Warming
Chapter 8 – Alternative Fuel According to the Numbers
Chapter 9 – What’s Uncle Sam Doing?

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