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Clean up time

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Day 8 (9/7/09) – Thursday

Not much research work today, but the research group cleaned up the lab. The lab is getting better and nicer. We threw away all the junks and other old stuffs.

Later in the afternoon, visited a home stay for Prof. Jahanmiri with Zura and Iman (his ex-student). The house is located in Taman Harmoni 1.

Then, had a meeting about Sustainable PG in BMD.

Broken quartz tube…


Day 6 (7/7/09) – Tuesday

We run the experiment using a used/old quartz reactor in a small tube furnace. Temperature was set to be at 30o Celsius. GC-TCD was already running fine, in standby mode to be injected with the gaseous from theĀ  glycerol reaction. We saw the viscous liquid moving slowly – flow rate of 60 ml/min using a syringe pump. The system seems to be not efficient or something else is wrong because the glycerol is not 100% converted to gaseous form. We can see the liquid coming out at the exit of the furnace inside the reactor. The tube was not directly connected to the GC inlet but instead to a beaker containing water, so that we can see the gaseous escape – bubble of course.

After seeing the fluid, we decided to stop the experiment. We switched off the power supply and allowed the temperature to cool down. I then try to disconnect the rubber tube from the quartz reactor. Suddenly, I can feel that the quartz reactor is very loose. I immediately know that the quartz tube has already broken into 2 pieces.

Check other furnaces. 3 big furnaces but only 1 is functioning. We are going to run an experiment tomorrow using a stainless steel reactor and the bigger furnace. We already set up the experiment for tomorrow. Good luck Zaki, Mahadhir and Huda…

Other activities of thee day:

– Attended briefing for new post graduate students at N29.
– Contacted RMC to check on the LO status of the purchased of my digital syringe pump. Still not settle yet because problem RMC – CICT.
– Discussed with supplier about the quartz tube that we want. I sketched the design of the quartz tube and emailed to the supplier. Later the same day, we discussed with the supplier on what we want.
– Complete reading elsevier abstract summary journal and identified important journals for me.
– Emailed my co-supervisor.

Experimental Rig Set Up

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Day 6 (6/7/09) – Monday

It’s a new week and my jobs continue…

-Met my Prof for the first time as a Ph.D student. Discusses few things regarding faculty jobs and some research job as well.

-Met my friend Tun and Mr. AminĀ  (the supplier) at lab to discuss about the quartz reactor we plan to use for our experiments.

-Set up a general experimental rig to test it out. Have not completed yet. The GC seems to have weird problem going on. Not sure what’s the problem. Will ask Fadhzir’s help to look at it. The quartz reactor we recently bought seems to be so thin and brittle. It was not as thick as the reactors I purchase in 2002 which has thickness about 2mm. The idea is just to run the experiment, get the feel of it, make sure the GC is running fine… We’ll continue with the job later tomorrow. At least we’ve done something and we are closer to run the experiment tomorrow.

-Printed: Fuel and Energy Abstracts, Volume 50, Issue 4, July 2009, Pages 234-304. Maybe there’s something good inside it…
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Equipments and Experimental Rig

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Day 3 (3/7/09) – Friday

It’s my third day as a student. I have read some papers (technical papers and not news papers). I was in the lab discussing and thinking how to set up my experimental rig. I’m going to use few of the parts, connections and tubings that are available in the lab. So, that means I only need few new equipments which are:

1. syringe pump (digital)
2. thermocouple
3. data logger

I can re-use:

1. furnace
2. fittings, tubings, connections etc
3. GC

Called RMC to follow up with the purchase of the syringe pump.

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